Well so far a decent amount of supporters have come to this project so, I will continue adding and updating it.
Here is a few improvements coming up!

Adding a different window for Enchanters and wall troops due to a mass number of textboxes, it will overload the code if I add too many more! And, there simply isn't room
Bugs, I noticed it is SLOW, this is of course due to the heavy amount of textboxes and data. Everytime you open and even when minimized and reopened it has to reload everything and isn't browser based so it doesn't work as zippy as most programs do.
So, I wanna add this note as well, even though you can make a excel sheet, why? Programming is more fun and you learn all the time! I am only 16 and have made my own webbrowser wordpoccessor, now mightcalcuator and many projects I haven't published. Please continue supporting me and this project!
The update will be ready soon!

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